Secret DreamScape

Secret DreamScape

Win Big in The NFT Card Game of Word Building & Betting

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10,044 unique Secret DreamScape NFT trading cards

Collect, Play, Win

Secret DreamScape combines the addictively cerebral nature of word building games with the social and mathematical nuance of betting games. Build your own stunning NFT deck to use in-game. Play with your friends or take on the world. Win big.

Community Prize Pools

Play words to get stamps on your cards

Big Prizes

Each Secret DreamScape NFT card gets stamped with words as you play hands.The more words your cards get, the more likely they are to win a prize pool!

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Blockchain Card Game Funded by Secret Network DAO to Mint First Edition NFT Cards on Valentine’s Day


In January, the Secret Network DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voted to bootstrap fund a 100% on-chain crypto game called Secret DreamScape.
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$330 Million in Bonded Value Funds Indie Blockchain Card Game Secret DreamScape


This week, the Secret Network community DAO put their voices together and gave a big thumbs up to bootstrap funding the upcoming indie trading card game Secret DreamScape.
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